The ADE-Feedback Sessions

Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam & Universal Music Group present:

The ADE-Feedback Sessions

During ADE 2017, Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam and its founder Universal Music Group are offering a series of feedback sessions, where professionals from the music industry help to guide new and upcoming artists by giving feedback on their music. These feedback sessions are spread over the Thursday and Friday of ADE 2017, with each day a different focus on genre: either for more pop-orientated or dance-orientated productions.

On the ADE Thursday – Oct. 19th 2017 – the feedback sessions have a focus on Pop music. This day’s panel will include A&R manager Tijs van Liemt, engineer Emiliano Caballero and producer Ray Richardson.

On the ADE Friday – Oct. 20th 2017 – the feedback sessions have a focus on Dance music. This day’s panel will include Pedro Guzman – vice president of Universal Music Latino (Miami) and vice president of After Cluv Dancelab – engineer Emiliano Caballero as well as a notable producer/DJ (soon to be announced).

The sessions will take place at Sonic City Studios (in Q-Factory), the home of Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam.

What you have to do? Submit a track of yours and get selected for your own feedback session of 15 minutes. Please use the form below to send us a link with your song, before October 5th. We will then select 10 songs for the ADE Thursday and 10 songs for the ADE Friday. If your song has been selected, we will send you an invitation for your personal feedback session!

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