5 questions with… Morten Lindberg

As part of our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering course, we offer exclusive Masterclasses to our students from industry professionals and experts. Students get access to valuable insights from the Pro’s and a clear understanding of what is happening in the music industry nowadays, paving the pathway to a future in music.

To provide an extra dose of inspiration, we focus on high quality audio & music and people who make a difference for these Masterclasses. While the majority of these classes are exclusive for our students, we frequently open up a selection to the general public.

During our first year of operation in Amsterdam, we had quite an impressive list of guest-speakers. And we are constantly adding new names. One of the names that just had to be part of this is Morten Lindberg. Last month, the 20 times Grammy nominated producer and engineer gave a masterclass for students and selected visitors about ‘Immersive Sound’.

More info about this event and Mr. Lindberg can be found here:

After the Masterclass we asked him 5 questions about his work, challenges and vision:

What are you currently working on?
At any given time we have about twelve new albums in production, spread across the stages of venue recording, editing, mix and mastering. Last week we recorded a new Acoustic Jazz Project with the Hoff Trio. Next week we’re initiating the first sessions for a sequel to the MAGNIFICAT with Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir and TrondheimSolistene.

What does immersive sound mean to you?
It’s all about emotional impact. Surround expands from stereo with greater sonic and musical detail. Immersive adds the magic.

What are the challenges that you face in your work?
Right now our biggest challenge is probably the general devaluation of music in the consumer market. But I believe we have seen rock bottom. By recognizing the value of the recorded arts as a dedicated craft we can contribute to a healthy future by creating unique products.

How do you see the future for immersive sound?
Bright and shiny — but diversified. Since the dawn of recorded media we’ve basically had a single strain of consumer formats. Now it’s all spreading across devices, resolutions, formats and environments. With rare exceptions it is out of reach of a business to dictate consumer behaviour. What we can do is to make products available in a quality tempting the consumer to meet up. Music in a home theater environment is one of those treats. Definitely a niche market, but with local production to a global market I believe it is a sustainable one.

If you could give one advice to people who want to work in this field, what would that be?
As producers and engineers we can’t sit around and wait for the consumers or the corporate operations to define our future. Follow your heart and create what you like. Then the world will follow — Big words, I know, but it’s the only way to motivate ourselves to contribute a full effort. I would strongly encourage to pursue a solid balance between art and craft. One without the other is less than half.

Morten Lindberg: “My sincere congratulations to the team at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam on their unique combination of a professional mixing stage and the educational auditorium. It all made for a great immersive experience!”

Thank you Morten!