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    It’s been a life-changing experience really. I came with the willingness and hunger to learn and I left with the awareness of being not only a better producer and engineer, but a better person/human being. Once you’ve learnt all the techy stuff, you realise how much more essential it is to learn the emotional and psychological part of the game and how to deal with artists. And that only comes with passion, hunger and dedication.

    Marco Spaggiari, Amsterdam Graduate 2018

    It’s insane how inspiring it is to put fifteen musicians of all genres and backgrounds in one class and work on your skills together. I mean, Abbey Road brought me a lot of knowledge, a great network and practical skills – that’s what I signed up for. But it also gave me a bloody great time, tons of fun and sort of a second family.

    Rudy Mackay, Amsterdam Graduate 2017

    I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for this course, not only for the invaluable education but also for the good people at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, and everyone I’ve met along the year.

    Kiko Medeiros, Amsterdam Graduate 2018

    By day, you’re soaking in the knowledge of industry experts. By night, you practice what you’ve learnt in a playground of high-end studio equipment. What more could you possibly want?

    Janice Wong, Amsterdam Graduate 2017

    Abbey Road Institute is not a school, it is a high end production studio with a control room full of learners.

    Théo Dorey, Amsterdam Graduate 2016

    “Every day spent here felt like I was better than the day before. It is beautiful to think in colours, mix with flavours and develop a unique way to listen and understand music. Abbey Road is all about perspective and attitude, things which are taught so well between the magical walls of the institute“

    Stefan Roscovan, Amsterdam Graduate 2017

    From the moment I entered Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam it took me a total of 5 minutes to realise that I came to the right place. It has been one of the best experiences, meeting new friends for life from all over the world. You learn so, so much in just 1 year in an incredible environment, which has to be felt to understand.

    Fabian Brummel, Amsterdam Graduate 2017