Ready for the 2022 Graduation Ceremony in London

After taking a selfie on the world-famous Abbey Road Crossing, you enter the iconic gate and stand in front of the renowned steps of the Abbey Road Studios. While waiting to enter, the excitement rises with all the other students coming from different parts of the globe. Finally, you and your family & friends can enter the Studios, names on the guest list are checked, and you make your way to the legendary studio live-room. Suddenly you realise and think about all the world-class artists, producers, engineers and superstars before you, walking through these exact same hallways. Shivers through your spine, you enter Abbey Road Studio Two. It’s buzzing, you feel the excitement, and you see the large stage in front of you. You smile and can’t help becoming a little nervous. Because soon, you will be entering the stage, to receive your Abbey Road Institute Diploma and can officially call yourself an Abbey Road Institute graduate and alumni.

Heading off to London!

We are thrilled to finally be able to travel to London again for the official Global Graduation Ceremony at the Abbey Road Studios. With over 500 graduating students, their guests and staff, this will be one of the largest graduation ceremonies of the Institute. Abbey Road graduates, including family and friends, from Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Sydney and London will gather in London this week to celebrate their hard work and achievements.

Studio Two

The ceremony will take place in the legendary Studio Two.

“The scene of landmark recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Adele and many more, Studio Two has been at the heart of popular music since it opened its doors back in 1932. Its unique design, modern isolation booths, warm acoustics and remarkable history, have made it one of the world’s most recognisable and sought-after studios. Recent sessions include George Ezra, DAVE, The 1975, Ed Sheeran, Architects Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown and Panic! At The Disco.” – Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studio Two with chairs

Abbey Road Studio Two

Graduation Party and workshop

Besides the official ceremony, there is a big Graduation Party at one of London’s finest clubs. And that’s not all! Graduates are also invited to attend exclusive workshops at the new Abbey Road Institute London facilities at the famous Angel Studios. The perfect setting to party, celebrate and network with graduates and alumni from all over the world. Keep an eye out for our social media channels, where we’ll be sharing exclusive content about the celebrations and workshop.

Congratulations to our graduates who’ve worked so hard to get here!
Below you will find the 2019 Graduation Highlights video. Finally, after two years, it is time for the 2022 edition! Stay tuned for more.

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