The Abbey Road Institute Global Graduation Ceremony 2022 | Picture Gallery

In early July, we came together with students and staff from London, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Sydney and Paris for the first Global Graduation since 2019 at the famous Abbey Road Studios.

We were delighted and thrilled to celebrate three years of graduates from the Abbey Road Institutes around the globe. And the wait was worth it. It was an incredible experience for everybody involved and the perfect setting to honour our graduating students’ hard work and commitment.

The ceremony was held at the legendary Studio Two, the scene of landmark recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Adele, and more recently, Joy Crookes, Little Simz and DAVE.
Following inspiring speeches from the Studios management, our Global Programme director Carlos Lellis and the management teams from each individual institute, students were asked to enter the stage one by one to receive their diplomas and capture this important moment on camera. (Pictures can be found below and on the Graduation Photo Gallery).

As a follow-up to the graduation ceremony, students from the Institutes were treated to a series of workshops and masterclasses at the Angel Studios, the impressively renovated and new home of the Abbey Road Institute in London. Award-winning Producer, Mixer and Recording Engineer Haydn Bendall shared his incredible knowledge and experience during an exclusive recording workshop in Studio One, and Ron Haryanto and Nick Ribbens from our Sydney and Amsterdam Institutes gave a workshop about songwriting and writing camps. The perfect lead and stepping stone to international collaborations.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the ceremonies and the graduation party at Londons’ iconic music venue Scale through the pictures below. Additionally, you’ll find a selection of pictures and the official Highlight Video of the Graduation Ceremony on our social media channels.

Abbey Road Institutes’ Global Graduation was a memorable experience, and we look forward to joining the next event in London with the upcoming graduates from our Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam.

If you are a student or parent and would like to access the full photo gallery, head to the link at the bottom of the blog to access and download the photos.


Graduation Ceremony in Studio Two at Abbey Road Institute

Carlos Lellis speech during the graduation ceremony

Programme director Carlos Lellis giving a speech during the ceremony

Jasper Derksen Abbey Road Institute on stage

Jasper Derksen, Institute director of Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam on stage

Frida Strengell

Graduate Frida Strengell with staff members Anthony Maes and Jasper Derksen

Joseph Maneiro

Graduate Joseph Maneiro with staff members Nick Ribbens and Jasper Derksen

Khalil Khoury

Graduate Khalil Khoury receiving his diploma

Gregory Ustasia graduate

Graduate Gregory Ustasia with Amsterdam staff members Anthony Maes, Jasper Derksen and Dennis Beentjes.

Students on stage in Studio Two

Group picture of the 320PT class

all 2022 amsterdam graduates

All 2022 Amsterdam graduates on stage

Front door abbey road studios graduates

Amsterdam graduates at the iconic doorstep of the Studios

Graduation Party at Scala

party picture at club Scala London Abbey Road

Amsterdam graduates at the Scala music venue

Abbey Road graduates at Scala 2

Abbey Road graduates and staff at the Scala Music Venue


Photobooth picture during graduation party abbey road institute

Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam graduates in the photobooth at Scala

Masterclass at Angel Studio One

Haydn Bendall in Studio One

Recording workshop at Angel Studio One with Haydn Bendall

Recording workshop at Angel Studio

Recording workshop at Angel Studio One with Haydn Bendall


Do you want to be part of the next Graduation Ceremony at Abbey Road Studios and receive your official Abbey Road Institute diploma? Sign up for the upcoming intakes in October and April! Visit our next Open Day to learn more about the Institute and our Advanced Diploma Programme.


Link to the full photo gallery: Flickr

Additionally, you’ll find a selection of pictures and the official Highlight Video of the Graduation Ceremony on our social media channels.