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ADE 2017 – Exciting Feedback Sessions & Masterclasses

Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam & Universal Music Group present: The ADE-Feedback Sessions (FULL) During ADE 2017, Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam and its founder Universal Music Group are offering a series of feedback sessions, where professionals from the music industry help to guide new and upcoming artists by giving feedback on their music. On the ADE […]
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Addicted to Immersive Sound

Ferry Corsten and Ronald Prent mixing Blueprint in 9.1 They both strive for one thing: The Best Sound Experience Ever. And they do that in Auro 3D at Sonic City Studios (home of Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam). Ferry Corsten’s deep urge to create an album that will give the listener a full musical experience is […]
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Recording to Tape & Open Day – September 2nd 2017

If this is going to be just another Open Day? Definitely not. This open day you get to be part of something most people probably never experienced before: Recording to analog tape! These days, owning an analog tape machine is somewhat akin to driving a classic car, with less and less engineers that know how […]
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Preparing your music for mastering by Darcy Proper

In music production, the mastering stage is the final step in the creative process. The stage where a lot of additional magic happens, bringing the listener closer to your music by giving them a stronger sense of connection. In other words, it can enhance the reason why you are making music in the first place! […]
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Hammond Sessions – Recording a legendary instrument

Manufacturers like Korg, Roland, Clavia and Native Instruments have managed to produce impressive emulations of this iconic instrument, but nothing beats the real deal. We are talking about the legendary Hammond Organ. On Saturday the 5th of August at 16h00, Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam hosted a Facebook Live event around this iconic versatile instrument. With the […]
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A magical weekend at Rockfield

Imagine this: You sit on the exact same spot where Freddy Mercury wrote Bohemian Rhapsody (4 times platinum), after you just touched the actual Wonderwall from Oasis, in the magical countryside of Wales, getting ready to take part in a recording session and learn from one of the most profound producers/engineers in music history. Including […]
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Darcy Proper Scholarship – and the winner is…

An interview with Summer Disbray – A woman in the music industry To her, music means literally everything. Sometimes it even feels like an addiction, because music is her outlet, where her true self comes out. We are talking to Summer Disbray, the lucky winner of the Darcy Proper Scholarship at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. […]
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Get Serious about Sound Synthesis

Using less presets, creating your own sounds, being ahead of your (musical) game. There are more than enough reasons to learn more about Synthesis! And synthesis expert MarcoAntonio Spaventi couldn’t agree more. Sometimes when you get a great idea for a song or track, you can just feel it, this is going to be massive. […]
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Abbey Road Studios Engineers Seminar

On April 21st we have the pleasure of welcoming two engineers from Abbey Road Studios in London. Andrew Dudman and Paul Pritchard will be hosting an exclusive workshop at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. Our students will be part of a bespoke guest lecture, then in the evening we’re delighted to host a public workshop which […]
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