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The Rockfield Studios pilgrimage

Our legendarY Rockfield Trip 2018 by Tyler Jones, Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam student Tyler Jones visited the legendary Rockfield Studios with us. But for him this trip was extra special. He was happy to write an article about his experience, which we are sharing with you. Read more below! Deep in the countryside of Monmouthshire […]
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Meet us at EMME 2018

Abbey Road Institute at EMME – the Electronic Music Maker Event 2018 We are coming back to Belgium! On the 21st and 22nd of September 2018, the XPO in Kortrijk (BE) will be filled with electronic music and knowledge again. The EMME – Electronic Music Maker Event – is the brand new name of this annual […]
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Demystifying the ‘magic’ of the Pultec EQ

The Pultec EQ By Robin Reumers (Edits: Milou Derksen, Dennis Beentjes) We love classic analog gear! In previous blog articles, we already covered some of the finest like the Binson Echorec, SSL EQ’s, the Mini Moog, VOX AC30 and the NEVE 2254. They all add character to your sound, something intangible, a little bit of […]
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Navigating the Emotional Journey of Music Recording

In the world of music recording, there’s more to creating outstanding recordings than just technical know-how. Even with the best equipment, perfectly designed recording spaces, and the most delightful coffee, there’s a crucial aspect that can greatly influence the outcome of a recording session: the human element. Beyond the buttons and switches lies a deeper […]
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Serious Sound Sessions with Matt Wiggins on Youtube

A combination of knocking-the-right-door and luck brought him his first studio job and from there on he gradually moved on to becoming a well respected mixing engineer, working on outstanding albums and with leading artists. For the second edition of the Serious Sound Sessions series, we welcomed Matt Wiggins (UK) at our Amsterdam facilities, for […]
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After Abbey Road Institute: Dieter Boels

GRADUATE PROFILE: Dieter Boels As part of our graduate profile series, we interviewed Sébastien Thirion earlier this year, who is currently working at Galaxy Studios. For the second article, we’ve interviewed Dieter Boels. Both Dieter and Sébastien are from Belgium and part of the first group of students in Amsterdam. They graduated and received their well-earned […]
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Just a simple analogue kind of guy

Al Schmitt: a living legend Not everyone knows Al Schmitt. Which is ok. Engineers and producers are predominantly not on the forefront and therefore a bit unknown to the general public. But if there is one man that literally has a legacy and you just HAVE to know, it is Al. When an article gets […]
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How limitation reveals the Master

Serious Sounds Sessions presents: We are happy to share with you the videos of the first edition of our Serious Sound Sessions series and on top of that, we would like to introduce the next session with Matt Wiggins! Using tuned glass bottles to create ‘Michael Jackson inspired percussion elements’ and the importance of limiting […]
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What does it take to start your own Plugin Company?

So you just turned 31, you have an impressive track record in pro audio education, you have been mentored by one of the best mastering engineers on the planet, have worked at one of the most impressive recording studios in the world …and then you just decide to start your own plugin company. Today we […]
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