Fees & Funding

Fees & Funding

Advanced Diploma Tuition Fees
We offer three different fee types, depending on whether you prefer to pay in full upfront or spread the cost of the fees throughout your studies.

Payment Plan A (Full fee paid up-front): 
Registration fee: € 200
Course fee: € 13.600
Total fee: € 13.800

Payment Plan B
(Instalments per term which is 32 weeks):

Registration fee: € 200
Monthly instalments (x3): € 4.720
Total fee: € 14.360

Payment Plan C
(Monthly instalments):

Registration fee: € 200
Monthly instalments (x24): € 610
Total fee: € 14.840

Our Advanced Diploma is not eligible for NL undergraduate student loans.  Lots of our students choose to spread the cost of the course during their time with us, to help with financing their studies.  If you’d like to chat with us about the payment plan and making this work for you please get in touch.

Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam is an approved short vocational education provider in the Netherlands, registered under the name ARI Education NL B.V. Students following the programme are able to get back up to 52% of the tuition fee via a tax deduction. Therefore the actual costs of the course can be significantly less, depending on the tax bracket you are in. Be aware that the actual refund depends on the income earned in the same year. No income in the year of study? It is possible to carry forward the deduction to the first year with income.

The above does not apply to people receiving any governmental benefits, or those who are not yet employed.
Disclaimer: This information comes from a Chamber auditor and is to the best of our knowledge up to date. For safety reasons always check with the Belastingdienst 0800 – 0543 as rules sometimes change. Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam is officially “short vocational education” and does not entitle study finance. Precisely because of that, our tuition is eligible for tax deduction. Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam is not liable for damage connected in any way with the information on this page. So always check the current state of affairs via the Belastingdienst.


By day, you’re soaking in the knowledge of industry experts. By night, you practice what you’ve learnt in a playground of high-end studio equipment. What more could you possibly want?

Janice Wong, Amsterdam student 2018

Abbey Road Institute is not a school, it is a high end production studio with a control room full of learners.

Théo Dorey, Amsterdam Student 2016

When you come here, it’s all about being eager to learn, put in the time, and believe in what you do. Hard work pays off.

Emiliano Caballero, Lecturer

There is surely no better place to be when you are studying music production and sound engineering!

Tori Sunnucks, London Graduate 2016

On the first day of the course it was clear that I had found my tribe; we’re like a family, and it’s uncanny how everyone gets on creatively.

Deborah Melliard, London Graduate 2016