The skills, knowledge and creativity you’ll develop at Abbey Road Institute will prepare you for the next step in your career in music production. This may be starting out in runner and assistant roles or moving into a more senior role if you already have some experience in the industry. Our graduates are highly sought after and progress onto a range of different roles and types of work.

Some of the jobs they enter into include: Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Runner, FOH Engineer, Artist, Mastering Engineer, A&R, Label Assistant and Songwriter to name but a few. They’re also working across different industries and types of businesses, from those employed by recording studios and record labels to work in live events, post-production for film & tv, digital archiving, developing new technology within the music industry, and juggling portfolio careers with their own clients.
You can browse through our alumni profiles below to see some of the jobs that our graduates have now. For a full list of alumni from both our Amsterdam and our international schools have a look at the dedicated alumni section of our website.

Jermaine Prince

Singer, Composer, Producer/Engineer

Jermaine Rodrigo Prince is a Singer, Composer, Music Producer/Engineer, who graduated from Abbey Road Institute in 2019. During his time at Abbey Road Institute, he got inspired to start his own company called “Mooncave”. Here, he gets to focus on his freelance work with artists & companies as a music producer, composer & mix engineer. Adjacent to this, he also gets his funk on as the lead vocalist and producer in his own project, with the retro futuristic soul band “The Lunar Energy”. Jermaine recently started a collective with 3 of his fellow musicians/graduates from the Rotterdam Conservatory. They will be opening up a brand new creative studio space in his city soon.

“There’s so much inspiration and creative energy flowing here. I just felt at home! It connects people with the same drive and passion, who collaborate and push each other to get better.. That’s where the magic is for me! From the knowledge & professional skill you attain under the guidance from highly experienced pro’s. To actually applying them firsthand in a state of the art studio!”

Stefan Roscovan

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer & Multi-instrumentalist

Stefan Roscovan is the first Amsterdam student graduating with distinction.

Stefan, born in a family of musicians in a small country called Moldova. He had been taking part in numerous singing competitions prior to studying at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam. As a result, he achieved over 20 winning trophies and toured 3 continents in countries including the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia and Iraq. In 2016, he became a semi-finalist on Romania’s “The Voice” which began his journey into music production and engineering.

At the moment, Stefan works as an independent singer, songwriter, music producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in London. He is the owner of the record label “Reflective Records” and works on freelance projects in mainly Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles.

“Every day spent here felt like I was better than the day before. It is beautiful to think in colours, mix with flavours and develop a unique way to listen and understand music. At Abbey Road is all about perspective and attitude. These things that are taught so well between the magical walls of the institute.”

Gaya Tideman

Vocal Producer & Songwriter

Gaya Tideman is a Vocal/ Music Producer and singer from Pune (India). Following getting a BA from the London Centre of Contemporary Music, she furthered her education and graduated from Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam in 2019.

She also is part of the team working at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. At present, she is involved in an all women and non-binary group of musicians and creatives called She Music International, who are actively releasing music. Alongside this, Gaya is also working on her own music as an independent artist.

“Being in an environment that challenges, stimulates and supports creativity daily has transformed the way I make music. Abbey Road offered a one of a kind experience and a family.”

Janice Wong

Audio engineer, Composer, Producer & Artist

Janice Wong graduated in 2018 with an Advanced Diploma of Music Production and Sound Engineering from Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. As a result, she now works as assistant audio engineer at Red Bull Studios Amsterdam. As a freelancer, Janice also performs with singer-songwriters, bands & DJs, composes for advertisements/games/films, works as (online) session cellist (for live performances & remote recordings), arranges strings, records string loops/samples and is busy producing her own music for her latest concept: live cello meditation. Janice creates cello soundtracks for different moods and emotions, using a loop machine to create low drones and sweeping cello melodies on top. Her debut album, titled Cello Music for Meditation is out now on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and all major digital channels.

“By day, you’re soaking in the knowledge of industry experts. By night, you practice what you’ve learnt in a playground of high-end studio equipment. What more could you possibly want?”

Michiel Mutsaerts

Co-owner at Soundmarker

Michiel Mutsaerts graduated in 2017 from Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam. He was part of the first class to graduate and even got to perform with his band “The Stangs” at the graduation ceremony in Abbey Road Studios. Michiel really proved he was a creative and musical Jack of all trades when he was an intern at Wisseloord Studios. Not only did he setup, patch outboard gear and assist on sessions, but simultaneously also designed Wisseloord’s new website.

Following the internship, Michiel got together with fellow alumnus Dieter Boels to set up their company Soundmarker. Soundmarker is a free online tool to share high quality audio, stream & communicate privately during the process of creating music. Soundmarker has been considered as one of NAMM 2019 best new releases.

“Abbey Road Institute hasn’t merely been a place to learn for me. They’ve challenged me to evolve and gain perspective.”

Bruno Cerecero

Songwriter & Music Producer

Bruno Cerecero – with the moniker Bruno Rex – is an Amsterdam based Pop Writer and Producer, who graduated from Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam in 2019. Originally from Mexico, Bruno began his career playing live shows and writing songs alongside his other non-musical activities.

Bruno managed to get his first Top 40 on Mexican radio with the advise from the team at ARIA.  He is currently working with a variety of international artists. Bruno has a dozen or so planned releases in the styles of Mainstream Pop, Urban, Latin and EDM. Most of which he has worked with both major and independent record labels. He even recorded and produced a few of his upcoming releases Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam.

Later on this year, he is launching his dance artist project REXCEE as a way to put all the pieces together!

It’s been a life-changing experience really. I came with the willingness and hunger to learn and I left with the awareness of being not only a better producer and engineer, but a better person/human being. Once you’ve learnt all the techy stuff, you realise how much more essential it is to learn the emotional and psychological part of the game and how to deal with artists. And that only comes with passion, hunger and dedication.

Marco Spaggiari, Amsterdam Graduate 2018

It’s insane how inspiring it is to put fifteen musicians of all genres and backgrounds in one class and work on your skills together. I mean, Abbey Road brought me a lot of knowledge, a great network and practical skills – that’s what I signed up for. But it also gave me a bloody great time, tons of fun and sort of a second family.

Rudy Mackay, Amsterdam Graduate 2017

I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for this course, not only for the invaluable education but also for the good people at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam, and everyone I’ve met along the year.

Kiko Medeiros, Amsterdam Graduate 2018

By day, you’re soaking in the knowledge of industry experts. By night, you practice what you’ve learnt in a playground of high-end studio equipment. What more could you possibly want?

Janice Wong, Amsterdam Graduate 2017

Abbey Road Institute is not a school, it is a high end production studio with a control room full of learners.

Théo Dorey, Amsterdam Graduate 2016

“Every day spent here felt like I was better than the day before. It is beautiful to think in colours, mix with flavours and develop a unique way to listen and understand music. Abbey Road is all about perspective and attitude, things which are taught so well between the magical walls of the institute“

Stefan Roscovan, Amsterdam Graduate 2017

From the moment I entered Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam it took me a total of 5 minutes to realise that I came to the right place. It has been one of the best experiences, meeting new friends for life from all over the world. You learn so, so much in just 1 year in an incredible environment, which has to be felt to understand.

Fabian Brummel, Amsterdam Graduate 2017